Your Success Development – Is Success For Life Possible?

The term, « success for life« , can lead you to think there will be a time when you will have reached success and you will be able to sit back and enjoy it without making any more effort. This is unlikely to happen, because we are on a journey that will never end. We are hard-wired to be forever seeking self-improvement and finding better ways of doing things. That’s why our success development is as it sounds – an ongoing process. If we were not made this way, the world would stagnate and so would we.

Some ways you can work on your success development:

  • Decide what success for life means to you
  • Work on that as hard as you can, but don’t neglect the other important parts of your life
  • Enjoy the successes along the way but use them as springboards to greater self-growth
  • Avoid complacency by seeing each part of your success development as an ongoing journey – a work in progress

What Does Success Mean To You?

Before you start working towards success for life you need to decide what that means to you. While you may have one ambition in mind now, the problem is getting the balance right so the other important parts of you life do not suffer. It is only after you have spent some time working on your main goal you can realize you have neglected the other parts of your life. You then need to work on those – and so your success development goes on.

Enjoy Success Along The Way

You can enjoy the rewards of your successes along the way. But the reality is you will have to work to maintain that level or you will want to move on to bigger and better things. For example, you could reach a level of financial success that will give you a comfortable lifestyle but you will need to monitor and manage this just to maintain it, otherwise you could lose it or it could diminish. Or you may not be satisfied with the level of success you have achieved in other parts of your life and you will want to work on those.

When Can You Stop?

Is there a time when you can sit back and decide you have achieved success for life? From time to time you should be able to look back and be proud of the achievements in some parts of your life. This is not the same as feeling self-satisfied or smug. It is more about recognizing a job well done and then using it as a base or platform to grow further. Or, if you are totally satisfied with some areas of your life, you will probably want to work on the others.

It is rather like retirement – so many people are working for the day they can finish work and sit back and relax. It does sound great – having the whole day as your own, to do what you like. But when it happens, many people are not satisfied. If they do nothing, there is a good chance their physical and mental health will deteriorate. That’s why many people do not retire completely but work part-time or develop other interests.

Benjamin Franklin had this to say: « Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. »

Go after success for life but don’t be surprised each time you reach one goal another will present itself, and you will not be completely satisfied until work towards reaching that one.

Success development is a work in progress. You will find ideas and tips to support you in your efforts when you visit William Burnell has built and sold his own business, and he has run successful sales teams. He knows what it takes to set goals, stay motivated and achieve your objectives.


5 Tips To Attain A Successful Family Life

The family is the micro unit of the larger society. Success in family life is critical to success in the society. As a result, the pursuit of success in family life is something we all should be anxiously engaged in.

Those working to build their own families through marriage spend an awful lot of time, energy and money preparing for their wedding instead of preparing for the marriage. It is more troubling because while busying about their wedding, they think and feel that they are preparing for their marriage. These are two different things. A wonderful wedding do not contribute anything at all to a great marriage which is the only road to a successful family life. For those who are not yet married, efforts in preparing for marriage would pay more dividends if it is employed in learning the purpose, principles and practices of marriage according to the author of the marriage and family life, God the Creator.

There are five key tips that can support your effort in attaining a successful family life namely:

· A firm foundation

· Commitment

· Teamwork

· Respect

· Forgiveness

A Firm Foundation

Just like physical structures such as buildings need a foundation that is firmly established to stand the test of time, windstorms, rains and other natural vicissitudes, a family need a firm foundation to be able to stand and grow and provide the platform for people to attain a successful family life.

For some families, this could be a philosophy they came together and formed and decided to live on as their guiding light. For others, it is religion. For some families, it may be a book. However, from my own experience and with some people I have been acquainted with, the Judeo-Christian Bible and some other scriptures used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are where they draw the ideology that cements firmly on the ground their family foundation.

The Bible contains information, ideas and strategies God Himself established which represent a firm foundation for building a family.

Faith in God is one of the foundational elements for joyful relationships.


Raising a family is a tough job. It is fraught with challenges. One of the key attitudes towards raising a family is commitment. Commitment also means dedication, promise, vow, obligation, guarantee, duty, responsibility, etc. This attitude is so important that it seems everything else depends on it. It is not possible to attain success in family life without seeing the creation and sustaining of the family life as your responsibility, an obligation and a cause that you have dedicated the whole of your life to. Failure at the family level rubbishes all other forms of successes we can claim as human beings. A commitment to live and die for your family is the only way to feel and think about your family. It must be total. As you think about starting your own family or as you run the one you have now, one thought should pervade all others – I live and die for this family.


When you have not decided to marry, you are a lone-ranger. But when you get married, you have formed the nucleus of what might become one of the greatest teams in the whole wide world. The word team also means squad, group, unit, etc. The word work also means effort, labour, toil, action, exertion.

A marriage relationship is sustained by a team effort, labour, toil, action and exertion. For many couples, marriage relationship is a competition. It should not be so. To have a successful family life, you should work as a team. Think about a typical soccer team. They win only as they work as a team. Think about the relay race team, they win only when they work as a team.


Respect also means reverence, veneration, high opinion, regard, value deference, admiration, etc. Mutual respect is one of the foundational elements for joyful relationships. Mutual respect is so critical in a marriage relationship that I strongly recommend that if people in a dating relationship could not respect each other totally, that relationship should be cut at the point of realization of disrespect from any of the partners. It is challenging to maintain a state of mind of mutual respect. However, if your desire is to attain a successful family life, you need to learn to respect your spouse and this respect should be mutual.


Forgiving those who wrong you is more relieving than the most powerful pain relieving drug on earth. In our efforts and attempts to build a family which involves marriage – a fusion of two different people – think about what happens during the scientific process of fusion – leading to the bringing into the scheme other lives. The process uses heat and also produces heat in the form of arguments, offences and quarrels. All these are necessary challenges of building the most important purpose of the life on earth – a family life. We offend one another – our spouses and children and parents – during this process.

Those who are married for even a few months can attest to the fact that there is always some form of misunderstanding in the process of building a family life.

The challenges may come from family finance, extended family, neighbours, environmental issues, religion, etc. There myriads of sources for problems on the road to building a family life.

The only known cure for these and other challenges of family life is forgiveness. Being right, logical, emotional and deeply sure about the issues on hand cannot help here. Even the apologies of one or both of the spouses cannot help. The only known panacea is forgiveness.

Forgiveness frees both partners and helps them regain the energy and focus required to continue in the process to work for and achieve success in family life.

At present I am theorizing and practicing advanced forgiveness both in family life and in my dealings with all that I have business with.

Think about it.

Francis Nmeribe works out of Nigeria, West Africa and coaches on early retirement planning, multiple sources of income, relationships and personal development. He is the author of a number of bestsellers including « Retire Early To Wealth & Fame, Dating 101: Principles & Practice, Why When And How To Start A Business While Working Full Time, Sex And Responsibility, etc. Visit his blog


Success In Life: Self-Confidence Is A Necessity

People only get what they ask for in life. This is true for every aspect of life. This is so because life cannot give you more than you ask for. All you are and whatever you will be in life simply depends on what you think you deserve. This is true in the workplace, at home, in relationships and life in general. In short, people usually get what they deserve.

Success in life largely depends on taking risks. It hinges on us being able to stretch beyond our limits and to reach for our goals. Without us taking risks and trying out new things, we are and shall always be doomed to a life of misery, pain and poverty. This is true even for something as simple as happiness because it is only when we believe that we deserve happiness that we are able to work towards creating the environment that makes it possible for us to be happy. Without believing that we deserve happiness, it becomes almost impossible for us to pull away from abusive relationships, bad workplaces and many other things that do not foster our personal development.

Our success in life also depends on the perceptions we create. Being self-confident is one of the easiest ways to get people not only to have confidence in us, but to also be able to follow us. It is the key to being successful in any field simply because it determines how well we sell our products. Life is all a matter of selling and it doesn’t matter whether we are selling ourselves, our skills, our ideas or physical products. An important key to successful selling is having confidence in whatever we want to sell, and the first and most important commodity in life is selling ourselves.

The good news for those who want to be successful in life is that self-confidence can not only be built, but also enhanced. One of the easiest ways to boost confidence in yourself is through the use of self-affirmation phrases. Simple words such as « I can do anything I set my mind on » will go a long way in boosting confidence in yourself. While the statements used may not be « true » at the time you are saying them, your subconscious mind usually feeds on these statements, and with time they will become part of you. As a result, you will be able to travel on the road to success to its end.

Setting reasonable short-term goals is also important so far as having confidence is concerned. This is so because the small victories that you celebrate are bound to affirm the belief in your abilities as a human being. These small victories will thus in turn be crucial so far as your general success in life is concerned.

For more articles and resources about success secrets and principles of making dreams into reality, go to: Inspirational Motivational Quotes and Success Stories.


How to Be Successful in Life Without Hurting Others

Don’t we just hate the guy that learns how to be successful in life by shooting others down?

We’d like to think that they’ll get their karma, and I believe they will. Because the people who really learn how to be successful in life know that when you learn how to help others, you help yourself.

And, since I’m committed to helping you, I have outlined here three steps to help you learn how to be successful in life…

1 – Begin with right thinking to achieve success in life.

You may have heard before that the « mindset thing » is everything. And it is. You must believe in yourself, and here’s why: Suppose you have a real estate business and you continue to think to yourself, « I’m just wasting my time with this guy, he’ll never buy ». If that’s your attitude, you’re right! As Henry Ford said, « Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way, you’re right. »

Psychologists have proven that the mind will store away an image of the way we think we are, and that image gets acted upon, whether consciously or unconsciously, and we begin to change based on our beliefs in ourselves.

It has also been proven that the human body consists of completely different makeup, brain cells and all, after seven years. Choose your thoughts carefully and don’t let your thoughts control you. Because it’s your thoughts that dictate your decisions, and your decisions dictate your actions.

I’m not saying that you need to « trick yourself » to a different way of thinking just to learn how to be successful in life…

Begin with what you have. You are good at some things, so all you have to do is just build on that. And this brings me to step two…

2 – Commit to stretching yourself to achieve success in life.

I recently heard that you know you’re beginning to learn how to be successful in life when you’re comfort zone becomes uncomfortable. You are no longer happy working in your cubical at work and you want something more.

Continue to focus on that and ask yourself what you can do to learn how to become better at what you do. And, at first, this appears to be a risk. We all resist change, even if it’s for the better.

For example, a study was done on Macy’s employees to advance to management. At first, Macy’s was hiring people from the outside with college degrees to be managers.

The employees got together with the union to protest about this because they felt, and rightfully so, that people who already work at Macy’s should have this opportunity. So they agreed, and here’s what they did: They offered a training program that people could agree to go through to learn management skills.

This would give them the opportunity to become better in their field without having the expense of going to college, and also could guarantee them a management position. Great idea, right?

You’d think so… but guess how many people out of 100 employees took advantage of the agreement? Only three out of one hundred!

And that actually jives with statistics of those who do achieve success in life… Out of every hundred people, only 3% find their way to financial independence, while 42% find a way to earn a living successfully by working their whole lives and at the mercy of someone else paying them for their services.

And that leaves, yeah right, 55% out of every hundred people find themselves either broke or in debt past the age of 65! I don’t know about you, but this was a real wake-up call for me, since I’m now approaching 60 years of age!

3 – Be happy with you, and build the « new evolved you » around something you truly enjoy doing.

A wise man once said that the way to become a millionaire is to find a way to make money at something you love to do. I’d like to take this one step further and say that when you can find a way to lead others to achieve success in life, then you have more than simply « success in life »… you have found true happiness.

We all change based on only two things: we’re trying to gain pleasure or resist pain. And here’s the dilemma; we start a venture because we’re motivated to learning how to be successful in life and we have high hopes of achieving financial success. But then fear kicks in when we attempt to step out of our comfort zone. Unfortunately, fear is a greater motivator than pleasure.

That’s why so many people who have learned how to achieve success in life came from a place of destitute, and fear motivated them to step out of their comfort zone and stretch. I’d like to motivate you to put your fears on the shelf and admit that they only thing there is to be afraid of is fear itself. In fact, it really all boils down to how you communicate with yourself.

For example, there are three people who come to mind that did NOT let fear of failure step in their way to achieving success in life…

There’s Babe Ruth, who was known as not only the « home run king », but also the « strike out king », because he struck out more times than any other baseball player in history. And there’s Michael Jordan, who was not even accepted on his own high school basketball team…

… and Sylvester Stallone who was born with defects and had to lose everything he had and turn down thousands of dollars to sell his Rocky story, only to convince the producers to allow him to act the lead role.

Maybe you just don’t know what you want to do and your « why power » just is not there yet. In this case, it might help to think about what you really hate to do, and then take the opposite of that and build on that dream.

Sometimes it helps to watch others succeed and model after the successful person you aspire to be. When you begin stretching to become the person you were meant to be, you’re beginning to acquire a successful mindset. If you need a little inspiration, check out these inspiration quotes to remind you that you’re never alone when it comes to struggling with how to be successful in life.


Transform Your Body – Transform Your Life

Is that really possible? I know quite a few marines, sailors, and soldiers that will tell you, absolutely! In April of 2007 we started a popular 12 week challenge at our military base Camp Fallujah, in Iraq. Being the MWR (morale, welfare and recreation) department, we wanted to offer a program we believe to be of great value to our troops.

The excitement and level of participation was exhilarating! Even working long days and out on missions, these people were on board with the program. They were in to win. It would have been really easy for them to quit or not even start at all given the limitations they had.

First, as I mentioned above, many of them work very long hours. It’s not uncommon to work 12-16 hour days, 7 days a week in Iraq.

I remember a Navy Captain telling me that after working in the operating room until after midnight, her commander was waiting for her to go work out. Her commander wasn’t even in the challenge but she wanted to support one of her nurses.

The second challenge is the limited equipment. One advantage that the troops had was that we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I believe we have a nice gym and a good deal of equipment but, it’s not like the nice health clubs in the states.

Third, the climate. How many of us want to work out when it’s 130 degrees outside and the air conditioning inside can only keep it to a pleasant 90 degrees? Most of us, myself included, would be looking for a tall glass of iced tea rather than a treadmill.

Fourth, how do you get in 6 meals a day when the dining facility is open 3 times a day? Not only are you limited to the times you can go to chow, you are also limited to the selections you have.

Remember when you were a kid and your mother told you, « eat what’s on your plate or go hungry? » That’s pretty much the way it is. In between they had to hope the PX had protein shakes and bars or packets of tuna. They didn’t have the luxury of going to the local health food store, and although we can order online, it takes a while to get to Iraq. I know that each of them had their own challenges that I’m not even aware of. Although I believe MWR does a great job of offering resources for the troops, Dorothy… you ain’t in Kansas anymore. At each 4 week mark in the challenge we asked our challengers to come back in for body fat testing, a weigh in, and new pictures to compare to their « before » picture.

Remember the title to this message « Transform Your Body-Transform Your Life? » The change in their personalities was unmistakable. I have a few favorites that I would like to share with you. Early in March, Major Quinones came to me to talk about his weight. He was overweight by Army standards and he was getting some pressure about it. He wanted to know how to lose a number of pounds in one week. I don’t remember the number but it was completely unrealistic. We talked for close to an hour about nutrition, diet, exercise and the lifestyle changes that needed to be made.

I felt like I was reaching him but he actually hadn’t heard a word I had said. He was only interested in the pounds he needed to lose in a very short time frame. I asked Major Q to keep a food diary for me for the next few days. I was astonished to see he was only eating around 800 calories per day and putting in tons of cardio. There are rabbits that eat more than he did.

When I suggested he wasn’t eating enough and should add weight training he was listening but I think I lost him after I told him he needed to eat more.

When the challenge came along he decided to go for it. There are few more zealous than Major Q. He was all over it.

When he came to his four week body fat measurement he was actually smiling. He was once very tense but he seemed to have « lightened up. »

By the eight week mark, I was amazed at the definition in his body and the change in his demeanor. Could this be the same guy? The transformation in his body was making a transformation in his life. It makes perfectly good sense. When you feel good about yourself it spills over into every area of your life. You are more productive, you have a sense of accomplishment, and you feel better.

All of us want to succeed at what we try but few of us want to operate in self discipline and self control. But, self discipline and self control equal self confidence!

My next transformation hero is a marine. His name is MSG Thomas French. I always call him « Top. »

As Top will tell you, he was disgusted with the way he looked. The challenge that Top had was that although he knew everything there was to know about sports, he had no clue about nutrition, supplements, or working out.

Also, his schedule could sometimes be hectic. We spent all of our weekends together.

That was a bit of a teaser line so let me explain.

My job as an MWR Coordinator was to coordinate all the sports tournaments and events. Each and every month we offered softball, football, basketball, fun runs, horseshoes, soccer, and any other tournament we could think of. Top was always there to volunteer as a coach, referee, pitch, or any other place he could help out. If we had a tidily winks tournament, he would have been in on that too. He volunteered a lot of time.

Top began researching everything he could to find out more, and if I had a nickel for every question he asked me, I would be a rich woman. He took fitness classes and before long, he was teaching them. His marines began to ask him about the amazing changes he was making in his body. He started spreading the gospel of fitness and… people were listening.

Being out on the field every weekend, he also had the challenge of meals. He began loading up his back pack with protein bars and tuna packets and timed his meals to the minute. We might have even had to call time outs so he could eat. I’m exaggerating but only slightly.

By eating a clean diet both of the challengers overcame some health issues they were experiencing as well.

The funniest memory I have of Top was on the last day of the challenge. It was time to take the « after » pictures. He was the first one of the bunch and as we walked out to the tent to take pictures, they were setting up t-walls and of course, we couldn’t enter the area. I thought he was going to come unglued! He told them, « Get out! We have been working for weeks for the conclusion of this challenge and we’re not stopping now. »

I called the supervisor on the radio, cleared up the confusion, they left and we pressed on with the pictures. I think the adrenaline rush might have worked in his favor for the pictures. As I look for the common thread of these champions I would have to say it was the support system. The military, and especially in Iraq, support each other with everything they have.

They also had the support of the MWR staff. If we weren’t seeing the results they were expecting, we analyzed diet and exercise and made changes.

Second, I would say accountability. Those that stayed in the race knew they would be coming in for body fat testing and pictures. They did not want to fail themselves or anyone else. Transforming their bodies gave them the persistence, confidence, and perseverance to keep going.

I can say with complete confidence that if you transform you body, you can transform your life. If you would like to see pictures of Major Q and Top please go to the website listed below.

Here’s to your transformation in your body; transformation in your life!


The Top 10 Body Transformation Tips!

1: Get SMART!

You’re far more likely to succeed when you get specific about the fitness goals you wish to achieve.

SMART is an acronym for:

Specific (What do I want to accomplish?)

Measurable (How will I measure my progress?)

Attainable (Is my fitness goal realistic?)

Relevant (What is important to me?)

Timeframe (Establish a timeframe)

For example, instead of merely saying « I want to lose weight » a SMART goal would be: « I want to lose 2kgs every 3 weeks (8kgs in total over 12 weeks) because I want to fit into my old wardrobe, have more confidence and more energy to keep up with my children. »

2: Use the most productive exercises

Resistance training is the most crucial component of a body transformation program, however not all exercises are created equal. Multi joint, compound exercises such as presses, rows, pull downs, squats & lunges should comprise the majority of your workouts as they have the greatest effect on your body’s fat burning metabolism.

3: Keep your workouts short & intense

Some of the most spectacular body transformations have been achieved with less than 4 hours total exercise per week. It’s the intensity of your workouts that produces real results – not how long you spend working out.

4: Ditch conventional cardio & switch to interval training

A scientific study done by Laval University in Canada proved that short duration interval workouts burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional ‘go slow’ cardio workouts. So forget spending hours walking on the treadmill and get the job done in half the time with 9 times the results!

5: Avoid short term thinking

Instead of thinking of your body transformation program as only « 12 weeks, » adopt more long term thinking. In other words, see your body transformation program as a stepping stone to healthy exercise and nutrition habits that can be sustained life long.

6: Track your progress

At regular intervals enlist the help of a fitness professional to record your measurements and track your progress. Not only does this serve as an excellent motivational tool, it also helps you to stay accountable.

7: Cycle your carbohydrates

Eating the same foods and in the same quantities every day quickly leads to weight loss plateaus. (even when you’re doing everything ‘right’) Cycling your carbohydrates and including planned cheat meals kick starts your body’s fat burning metabolism so you can continue to lose weight week after week.

8: Be consistent

To achieve an outstanding body transformation consistency is everything. This includes:

· Working out 5 or 6 days per week – every week

· Eating small and often

· Drinking plenty of water

· Preparing your meals in advance and having the right nutrients on hand

· Keeping a food and/ or nutrition diary

Sporadic workouts and inconsistent nutrition will produce average results at best.

9: Have a support system

Share your fitness goals with your friends, family and closest acquaintances. When you surround yourself with positive influences you’re much less likely to stray from your body transformation program.

10: Take action!

Having good intentions is one thing, however taking action is another. Don’t give in to procrastination. Decide to be part of the minority that follows through with their body transformation goals by taking action.

Remember, there will NEVER be a « right time » to start a body transformation program. The right time is NOW!

Mark Woodgate is a leading body transformation specialist. If YOU would like to transform yourself, subscribe to Mark’s FREE fortnightly fit tips. You’ll also receive Mark’s FREE report « Body Transformation Secrets Revealed! »


11 Steps on How to Achieve the Ultimate Body Transformation

Expert Author Karen SessionsYou have seen those amazing body transformation success stories plaguing the flashy fitness magazines and fitness websites.

You ask yourself, are these people for real? Did they really do that in 12 weeks? HOW did they do that in 12 weeks?

I will tell you exactly how those ultimate body transformation success stories are so successful, and this information dips well below the basic dieting and exercise information.

When most people venture onto a body transformation goal they outline the prefect plan and start it full force at the beginning of the week. They are die-hard, and by the middle of the second week they have usually burned out.

Sound familiar?

If your body transformation program fizzles out before you get it started, these 11 steps will be a great help and give you the advantage on your next body transformation journey.

Step #1 – The Primary Rule

Before you even get started with your body transformation challenge you need to set the primary rule, which is to set goals. If your body transformation process entails 12 weeks, break your goals down into a few short-term goals and one long-term goal. If you fail to take advantage of the primary rule, you may as well stop now.

Step #2 – The Closing Date

Along with writing out your goals you need to end your plan with a deadline. Everyone has a starting date, but very few write down a closing date, the actual date they plan to finish their program. If you don’t give yourself a deadline to attain your goals you won’t finish your program and you won’t be a body transformation success.

Step #3 – Scheme of Combat

After you get your goals set in stone with a deadline in place you need to create a plan of action. This plan is the course you must take each day to ensure daily success that will take you to your ultimate goal.

An example of a coordinated plan is to write out exactly what you will do each day to make each day successful, such as eating 6 meals a day, drinking a gallon of water, working out, etc.

In your starting notes, jot down your scale weight, body fat percentage, body measurements, and take pictures of yourself from 4 different views (front, back, and each side).

Step #4 – Dedicate and Commit

Once you have all your ducks lined up, start your plan of action. Put it into full effect Monday morning. Follow it as outlined each day. Make your plan of action a part of your daily life.

Keep in mind that just because you have goals set and written, an action plan, and started your new transformation journey doesn’t guarantee success. If you want to be a transformation success you have to stay dedicated to your plan of action.

This dedication isn’t an on and off relationship, it’s the whole kit-n-caboodle. You start fresh Monday morning and follow through each day 100%, no swaying, no cheats, just pure dedication and commitment. It’s only 12 weeks.

Step #5 – Sneak a Quick Peek

After your first two weeks on your transformation program take your stats to see what changes have occurred. Is there a change in weight and/or body fat percentage? Have your measurements changed? Can you see visual changes in the mirror and how your clothes fit?

Note any changes, good or bad, and use that as information to tweak your program to keep you moving in the direction you want to go.

Step #6 – 30 Day Photo Shoot

After a full month of staying 100% dedicated to your plan of action take some more full body pictures of all 4 angels (front, back, and each side).

These 30 days updated pictures are ammunition to better tweak your program. Put them side-by-side to your starting pictures. Note any physical visual changes.

Step #7 – One Month Evaluation

Also, at your 30 day photo shoot, evaluate your one-month’s progress. Check your weight and body fat percentage and measurements again. Note any changes.

After one month of being fully dedicated to your program you should have stat numbers and photos that give you good insight on how well you are doing on your program.

If everything is going according to your plan, then keep on that same course of action. If you are not transforming you need to modify and make changes to your diet or cardio.

Step #8 – If It Is Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

A big mistake many people make when doing a transformation challenge is they « tweak » every few days if the scale is not showing them the number they want to see. Tweak your plan only when it’s necessary. A tweak is a small change, not an overhaul of your program.

Step #9 – Excuse Me

If you want to be a transformation success story, stop making excuses such as « I cheated because it was my birthday, » « I had to attend a luncheon, » « my kids have (fill in blank) practice, » « I went out and had a few drinks, » etc.

These excuses are just that, excuses, and excuses are the path to nowhere. If you want to be a transformation success story, stop the excuses and just do what is required.

Step #10 – Can the Self Trash-Talk

NEVER talk or think about yourself in a negative sense. If you refer to yourself or pictures as « fat, » fat butt, » « fat a$$ » that’s what you will become. No successful bodybuilder, figure or fitness competitor, or transformation success story refers to themselves as fat. They only visualize themselves in the shape they want to be in, and speak of themselves in a positive frame of mind.

You can absolutely alter your thinking to produce the results you want, but you have to think and speak in positive terms. Hoping for a fit body but thinking and speaking negatively is worthless.

Your mind is a powerful tool so use it to your advantage!

Step #11 – Repeat

Repeat steps 4-10 every thirty days until you reach your deadline or ultimate goal.


It’s not enough to just want to transform your body, you have to have a passion for it. You have to have determination. You have to do what it takes even if you don’t feel like it. Successes always go that extra mile to be their best.

Do what it takes every day and follow through on your program 100% every day you will be the one shining in the spotlight of victory.

Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988. She is a nationally qualified bodybuilder and holds two personal training certifications. She has written 6 ebooks on fitness and has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies. « Use of this article is authorized provided it is reproduced in full, and all web URLS are active hyperlinks directed to the author »


Three Quick Steps to Winning a Body Transformation Contest

Expert Author Marc DavidDo you ever wonder how some people seem to win body transformation contests? You might even start to notice the same people come close to winning several of them year after year. To the layman, a body transformation contest appears to be only about the person who lost the most weight or built the most muscle. If this is what you think about body transformation contests, you are incorrect. Let me explain…

After watching several transformation contests occur in several internet forums, I’ve found many similarities between the winners of these competitions. There’s something about the methods they use that is constant in all the winners. It’s not the person who had the most visual transformation.

Here’s a quick run down of the top three observations I’ve seen with people who continually win body transformation contests.

Body Transformation Tip #1:

Winners use the online journal (blog, forum, etc) provided by the sponsor every single day. Regardless of the requirements to blog or post about their journey, the winners of these contests get connected with the community FAST. The very first day, they blog, post or use the journal to document their situation.

  • Use the provided journal method every single day of the contest
  • Connect with the community quickly (be supportive, friendly, display a lot of positive thinking)
  • Become visible from Day 1
  • Write posts of 400 or more words
  • Tell a story

Body Transformation Tip #2:

Post your photos Day 1 and include as many measurements as required. If you aren’t an expert at taking photos, get a friend to take them for you. Every contestant who’s won, looks like they had a real camera. The ones who lost most of the time but I thought made great transformations on paper took photos with a cell phone in the mirror. There’s no excuse. If you use a cell phone camera, get somebody to take one of you in 3 stances.

  • Face forward
  • Side view
  • Back to the camera

You’ll cover all the angles in the most professional manner possible. You can use an online free photo editing tool to manipulate the pictures to crop them down, remove red eye and enhance them to look as good as possible.

The sponsor of the contest wants to use photos for their website to show their book, program or method worked. The BETTER the pictures provided, the easier it is for the judges not to get hung up on low quality photos. You don’t need a high end camera to do this, you simply need to invest 10 minutes Day 1 and at the end of the contest.

Body Transformation Tip #3:

Write in a positive, story telling manner. The more variables to your story, the better. If you are the guy or girl who goes to the gym and has for years.. without much effort and burning fat and building muscle isn’t a big deal.. good luck to you. If you are the person who has a story to tell about 5 kids, a working mom to boot or a dad who came back from the brink of destruction against all odds.. you’re a shoe in.

People like a good story. A body transformation contest is about a person, who’s TRANSFORMED themselves in more ways than a scale. Remember, if it were just computers judging people, the person with the best body composition change would win every single time. You’d bulk up.. get fat. Join the contest and diet down like a fool and beat everybody. Except..

A computer can’t feel.

Judges can and if you’ve got a strong story to tell, the chances of you winning are high.

Every single person who has won, has a heart felt (true or not) story. Find your angle and use that to your advantage.

Winning a body transformation contest is much more than simply providing the best results a photo. It’s about becoming a leader, connecting quickly and constantly to the community and documenting every angle of your story. Do this one, and you can join hundreds of contests and increase your chances of winning.

Secret Body Transformation Tip #4:

Be consistent. As stupid as this sounds, upwards of 55% of people will drop out. Remember the old saying, « 80% of success is just showing up? » Pretty much rings true here as well. Even if you have no story to tell, just post every single day even if it’s the lamest post, you’re visibility will increase above the rest as many people just can’t be consistent. The winners of those contests are unbelievably consistent with their visibility.

Marc David is a bodybuilder, writer, and author of the e-book « The NoBull Bodybuilding Program: Transform Your Body In 30 Days. The NoBull Program is oriented towards fitness minded men and women who want weight loss and to gain muscle.
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The Best Basic Self Defense Moves For Men and Women

You can learn to make the most of your physical abilities in a fast, fun and safe natural approach to self defense moves. No course can promise to instantly transform you into a walking weapon of destruction that will defeat all odds. However, « WITs (Whatever It Takes) » by Bill Valentine, Ph.D, 5th Degree Black Belt, and Becky Valentine, MS, Physical Educator, can safely teach you to « Beat the Odds«  using basic motor movements you already know and a proven system of learning self defense moves in the least amount of time. This is a course in how to create pain fast using motor movements and skills that you developed naturally before two or two and a half years of age!

Learning to transfer these basic developmental motor skills from your childhood into effective strikes can change the outcome of an attack. One technique can make the critical difference in a sexual assault in most instances. The means to transfer these basic motor movements, such as the ability to walk up a flight of stairs into learning how to kick with your knee is the purpose of the self defense training you can expect from Bill and Becky Valentine. What is the difference between Self Defense Training verses Martial Arts/ Karate type training?

Martial Arts is seen as a discipline where training corrects, mold and perfects techniques. With martial arts you are concerned with perfection of movement, and the arts maintains strict control gained through obedience and training. Self Defense Training is a system designed to utilize our body parts as weapons to create pain for survival purposes. Self defense is only concern with effective movement and has no controls, rules or orderly conduct to follow. The Self Defense mantra is « Anything Goes »! When I work with PE Teachers on the Self Defense for Life School programs for 7th and 10th graders, I tell them that anything that a person could do that would disqualify someone in any organize sport qualifies in Self Defense. What a fun thought. Here are some of the reasons, and reality, for wanting to develop a self defense attitude.

How many of us can relate to having held a child and suddenly were struck in the face by the baby’s head. Ouch! Yes, the unintentional head butt probably affected you more than it did the baby. Developmentally, muscular control begins basically from the head downward: first the neck and head, than the upper body and arms, lower trunk and legs. Next time you get an opportunity to hold a baby remember that from birth to about six months of age is necessary for head and neck control… so be careful. A willful head butt from an adult can be devastating to an attacker. Learning safe ways to use your skull as a weapon is not always instinctive, so I have dedicated several pages of suggestions on how to turn this very basic motor skill into a destructive weapon. How much practice do you really need to repeat something you did as an infant? Need more convincing.

Have you ever been struck accidentally with an elbow? Perhaps you were involved in a sport at the time. It’s a painful experience for us, but not usually for the person whose elbow we connected with. You can strike with your elbows from lots of directions; standing, sitting or on your back, however there are a few basic things that you need to know so that you can spirit your elbow to intentionally cause someone more pain. A point most self defense instructors miss is the reality concept that everyone should realize, expect to take a hit. Real life is not a motion picture fantasy where only the bad guy gets hurt. I want your mental mindset to be prepared for some form of contact in a self defense situation. Lastly, find a friend to have as a self defense partner.

Find a good training partner for self defense training at home. You need a willing partner to practice the basic self defense techniques and moves in a cooperative atmosphere of mutual fun and support. Partner drills are noncompetitive. A good training partner will make a huge difference in how fast and effective you can be with your personal learning. Speed is not necessary to lock in the motor movements (the actual self defense techniques) into your memory. There is no element of surprise in Partner Drills, and that is why the reaction of the partner should only be at half speed. Partner Drills are designed to help teach you about distance, timing, balance and coordination, all of which is a valuable part of the learning process.

Learning the best basic self defense moves that are founded on the motor skills we developed by two years of age is a practical and direct approach that anyone can benefit from. Athletic ability, speed, strength, and physical conditioning are not an important part of the system, so virtually everyone with a desire to learn can participate and benefit using the « WITs (Whatever It Takes) » Best Basic Self Defense Moves Program.

Best Basic Self Defense Moves by Bill Valentine, Ph.D,(Psych), Black Belt and Self Defense Coach. Karate as a form of self-defense can be difficult, so a new approach to self-defense was needed. Bill and his sister Becky, a Physical Educator, combined their experiences to craft a program that is surprisingly simple and devastatingly effective.


The Best Basic Self Defense Moves For Men and Women

In the realm of women’s self-defense training, there are generally two very different theories. One says that a woman can learn the same techniques, tactics, skills and strategies as a man – that self-defense is no different for men and women. The other « camp » says that the only thing that a woman needs to know is how to deliver a well-placed kick to the groin and she’s home free.

And I say that they’re both full of it! Self-defense for women is unique in that there are many strategies, tactics, skills and self-defense techniques that can be applied equally well by both men and women, there are certain things that women should avoid, and others that only they will need to worry about.

Also, as I have pointed out in many other articles and self-defense courses and programs, kicking a man in the groin, if not done correctly, could leave the female defender lying in a crumpled heap on the floor, wondering why her instructor’s so-called « guaranteed, never-to-fail » women’s self-defense trick failed so miserably.

To clarify and to set you on the right track for success, this article will focus on weapons, both armed and unarmed, that you should add to your women’s self-defense arsenal.

Effective Body Weapons for Striking in Women’s Self Defense:

Hands: There are many ways to shape the hand for striking. Some are better or worse, depending on the target area on your assailant’s body. As a rule of thumb, strike hard parts of the body like the skull with the base area of your palm. It provides you with the same kind of damaging force as a clenched fist, while simultaneously resulting in less chance of breaking your hand or receiving cuts from striking the chisel-like ridges on head and face. Use your clenched fist and fore-knuckles for soft spots in the torso like the sternum. A fist would devastate the throat, but harder to get at compared to sneaking in a strong karate-like chop with the edge of your hand.

Elbows and Knees: Both are much harder than the hands and can inflict serious injury to the head area, torso area and any weak points in the skeleton from the groin up. And since self-defense for women is usually at closer distances than attacks on men, the elbows and knees are in better positions for delivering the kind of knock-down blows you’ll need to get this bigger, heavier attacker off of you!

Feet: Great for striking the groin area and below. Using the foot in a stamping like fashion, crushing the toes or smaller bones in his foot with the bottom of your heel is the goal. Striking higher than the groin, like you see in arts like karate, tae kwon do, and in many movie scenes is a serious no-no. Kicking the upper body or head is only recommended if your attacker is already kneeling, bent over, or on the ground where he can’t take advantage of your raised leg if you miss.

Hand-Held Self-Defense Weapons and Everyday Items for Women’s Self Defense:

Kubotan: A Kubotan is a short piece of metal, often sold in the form of a self-defense keychain. Combining this very effective weapon, with a training class where you will learn simple yet effective techniques and striking methods is highly recommended, as long as it is legal in your State or Province. If not you could use a similar item that looks less threatening and legal to carry.

Keys: A good strong key from your key ring, or the entire set, held in the hand while walking to your car or doorway can be very effective. While many women’s self-defense courses will teach you to place the base of the key in your palm and let the key portion rest between your index and middle finger, this is actually not as strong as simply holding the key the same way that you would to open a lock. Of course you can also hold a fob or other part of your key chain and use the keys in a flailing manner.

Ink Pen: A strong solid ink pen (preferably metal frame) is a great tool for stabbing soft tissue areas. The face would be a good area as well even though it is hard because of facial sensitivity. A pen is one of the best weapons and makes a great substitute for the Kubotan self-defense key chain.

Other Objects: Anything that is solid, with a little weight, and that fits in your hand, or something you can grasp tightly will do in an emergency. Good examples include: rocks, bricks, glass bottle, pool ball, book, knife, hairbrush, or how about your purse! I’ve heard many instructors have their female students go through their purses during a women’s self-defense course, looking for all the weapons inside.

The reality is this… if you don’t already have it in your hand when the attack starts – forget it! But, that being said, I have a wife and sisters. I’ve seen what many women put in their purses.

Hell! if I was carrying something like that…

I’d just use the purse!

Keep in mind that these are just a few ideas, and is by no means all the answers. There are many ways to protect yourself. The important thing to remember is to always be in the proper mindset and to have the survivor’s attitude when it comes to effective women’s self-defense designed to save your life and give you the greatest advantage!

Effective women’s self defense requires more than just a few « karate moves. » It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible – against an attacker who will be bigger, stronger, and determined to succeed!

How? Start by following the steps above and decide to be responsible for your own safety and survival. You might also want to read this book on, women’s self-defense: « For Women Only! » It’s available free at:

Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI, is an internationally-known women’s self defense expert. He is a former federal police officer, undercover investigator, private detective and bodyguard. He has worked in operations all over the world and has served to protect a former U.S. Secretary of Defense, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet, and several members of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders while traveling overseas. Each month he teaches literally thousands of students through live seminars, corporate training events, and his online self-defense courses, the lessons to be able to survive in Today’s often dangerous world.


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